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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are gaining traction not only in the Cryptocurrency Marketplace but throughout the world. Many others have been interested in learning how to make NFT art as a result of its rising popularity, and have finally joined the craze.

How to make NFT art

To begin, non-fungible tokens are blockchain-based digital currencies that represent a variety of rare and unique objects like as virtual real estate, digital works of art, collectible sports cards, and more.

Many individuals, both traders (collectors) and developers make a lot of money from these tokens (artists).

The advantages of making NFT art for digital artists will be discussed in this essay. It also includes a step-by-step tutorial on creating NFT art as well as answers to commonly asked concerns regarding the new sector.

If you're an artist, why should you make an NFT?

Artists have struggled to get more money from their work throughout history, even as the worth of their work has increased. However, this example does not fall under the scope of NFT art. Because of these three key reasons, if you are an artist, you should consider producing an NFT:

  • Lifetime Royalties: Artists receive money from their digital art tokens not only once, but for the rest of their lives. You may integrate royalties into your digital artwork to get a part of the sale proceeds whenever the artwork is sold to a new user.
  • The proportion encoded into the artworks may vary from 2.5 percent to 10%, ensuring that you get paid interest on NFT art resales for the rest of your life.
  • You won't have to spend money on auction houses or art galleries since the NFT art sale is handled online through several peer-to-peer markets to a worldwide audience. This permits you to retain a substantial amount of the sales earnings.
  • Verifiable and Authentic: Although anybody may see, connect to, or download your digital artwork token, it is only held by one person at a time.

Because the creator, purchase price, future owners, and acquisition prices are visible and travel with the item once it is registered into the blockchain, it has undeniable proof of authenticity. This leads to a degree of market openness that has never been seen before in the realm of conventional painting.

The next part includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to make NFT art.

How To Make NFT Art in 6 Easy Steps

By carefully following the procedures below, you may make a digital art token:

1- Choose an NFT Marketplace

This is the first and most important stage in making your NFT artwork. This peer-to-peer marketplace has two categories from which to choose:

  • Only approved artists are allowed to mint or manufacture digital art tokens in this NFT marketplace category. They are mostly interested in high-quality digital art tokens, rather than low-cost memorabilia.
  • superRare, for example, is a selected NFT marketplace. They charge greater transaction costs and provide less flexibility in terms of the royalty rates that may be programmed into your artwork.
  • Self-Service Platforms: This peer-to-peer marketplace category enables anybody to create their own NFT with anything they want. As a result, you may use a picture, a movie, or an audio clip to create your own. It also enables you to charge whatever royalty percentage you want for each token sale.
  • This category includes platforms like OpenSea and Raible. There are frequently too many imitators and scammers in this kind of NFT marketplace, which poses a concern.

It's time to move on to the following stage once you've decided which marketplace to utilize and created an account with it. However, since this is a beginner-friendly post, it will utilize the opensea coinmarketcap as an example of how to generate your digital arts token.

2- Set Up a Digital Wallet

The next step is to construct a cryptocurrency mobile wallet in which you may keep both your coins and NFTs. Yes, cryptocurrencies, namely Ether, are required for the construction of NFTs.

Because numerous NFTs are generated on the Ethereum blockchain, it would be advantageous if you possessed Ether. Before publishing any token you've created, you'll need to pay the gas charge, which is the cost of an Ethereum network transaction.

OpenSea normally suggests downloading the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet's Google Chrome plugin, buying ETH, and getting ready to mint NFTs.

Assume, however, that you already have ETH in another cryptocurrency wallet. In such a situation, you may establish a Metamask wallet and move your ETH from your original wallet to it.

The cost of gas expenses while building an NFT range from £10 to £200 in ETH. So, if you have sufficient finances, go to the following stage.

Make Your Own NFT Collection

At this time, you are not producing your digital arts token. My Collections will appear on the interface of your OpenSea account; click it. It functions as a digital art shop or gallery.

Now you can personalize your collection by giving it a name, adding a description, and uploading a display picture. This lays the basis for you to show off your work after you've finished it.

4- Creating Your Digital Arts Token

It's time to start the main process of making your NFT after you've finished your collection. When you click Add New Item, you'll be given the choice to upload information for your token, which includes visual (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), audio (MP3, etc.), and 3D files (GLB, etc.) as well as give it a name.

You have the option of minting a limitless amount of tokens, but you must do so one by one. It's also crucial to consider how many different copies of the same token you want to make.

  1. Stand-alone Token: This means that just one duplicate of that specific digital art token may be created, making it even more precious.
  2. You may make as many copies of the same token as you like using the Edition Tokens. To identify between each duplicate, just add the edition number.

Then, when appropriate, add attributes, levels, and analytics to help customers sort your artwork as they browse your collection. The date you produced the token is an example of a property.

Click "Create" to add your NFT to the blockchain once you've supplied all of the essential data, such as social connections, an updated picture, a description, and a name. This step will need ETH to pay for approval and gas costs.

After that, you may choose the payment tokens you want to accept for your digital work. You may also choose the royalty percentage you want to get on secondary sales of your artwork.

5- Listing Your Artwork For Sale

After you've finished creating your NFTs, the following step is to sell them. You may pick between a fixed-price listing and an auction where you can choose your own price.

You must pay a gas cost before displaying your artwork if it is your first time making and selling an NFT.

6- Promote Your Work On Social Media

You'll need to cultivate a large fan following to increase your chances of selling your work. As a result, you should share your direct connection with prospective purchasers and promote your artwork on social media to help people find it.

How to make NFT art in 2022

How to create NFT art without coding

  • You don't need to write any codes to make your NFT art.

The following step-by-step method is an example of how to make a digital art token without coding. It's easy to use and will get you started on your way to owning property rights over your digital art tokens.

Meanwhile, some NFT platforms include how-to instruction, and you should be able to accomplish it as long as you have access to the internet.

How much does it cost to create an NFT?

However, while the cost of generating an NFT may be less than a dollar, the cost of selling one can be thousands of dollars. For example, Allen Gannett, a PC software developer, spent roughly $1,300 on four NFTs, which he sold for $76 on eBay. He also had to pay an additional $88 for the bid. He was out more than $1,000 as a result of this.


Are NFTs Cryptocurrencies?

Despite the fact that NFTs are a sort of crypto token, they are not the same as cryptocurrencies. This distinction is due to the fact that they are not interchangeable.

Cryptocurrencies may be traded for the same amount of money. One bitcoin, for example, may be exchanged for another bitcoin without losing or gaining value. A non-fungible token, on the other hand, cannot be exchanged for another at the same rate. Even though they come from the same pack, no two NFTs are the same.

What Risks Are Associated With NFTs?

The minting and selling of NFTs aren't all rainbows and sunshine. It comes with a number of dangers. They are as follows:

  • Too Much Speculation: The market is now very speculative, with many new investors seeking rapid profits on their investments. People are more likely to lose money as a result of this, particularly if the initial 'buzz' dissipates.
  • High Gas Fee Rates: The rate paid for transactions on the Ethereum blockchain may grow quite high at times, affecting the price of the NFT at the same time. If the tokens are overly expensive and have little value, prospective purchasers will be turned away, resulting in losses for the investor.
  • It's possible that you won't start selling your NFTs right away. Your artwork may be buried among the huge majority of other artworks, and you'll have to work hard to get collectors' attention. It's also preferable to have a huge audience so you can sell your tokens for a lot of money.

Where Can I Buy and Sell NFTs?

Because of their interchangeability, NFTs, unlike cryptocurrencies, are not traded on exchanges. They may, however, be purchased and sold on a variety of peer-to-peer markets. OpenSea, Raible, SuperRare, Maker's Place, and others are popular examples.


  • The NFT market is still in its infancy, and there are several opportunities for expansion.

The whole NFT market was only worth £30 million a few years ago. However, the market has risen to over £300 million in recent months, as the excitement around non-fungible tokens has grown, and notable personalities and organizations like Mark Cuban, the National Basketball Association (NBA), and others have joined the bandwagon.

Getting in early will offer you an advantage over other artists in the long run, and this article will show you how to get started.

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