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How to start trading online and make money, trading online and getting money is one of the things that a person who wants to enter the field of trading is looking for, and this field is considered a relatively difficult field.

So whoever wants to enter this field must know some information about it, and in this article, we offer you how to start trading online and make money through the money makers website so that a person can enter the field easily.

What is the concept of currency trading?

Currency trading is known as forex, and this system refers to forex trading where you sell your local currency and get a foreign currency for a certain price.

Forex is the largest financial market in the world, and Forex has been affected by the great development in the field of communications.

Which led to an increase in the dissemination of modern technologies, which facilitated the expansion of the process of information circulation, which led to the process of buying and selling through the Internet.

How to start trading online and make money?

Online trading and making money is one of the difficult things that you need to know the basic rules of the trading process in order to be able to get the money.

And the trading process is the process that is built mainly on how a person controls his destiny, as he determines the money that he will invest in, in addition to being in control of the time to open deals.

It is possible to start trading through “Avarice”, which enables you to enter the field of trading through a global broker that has a lot of credibility and has won many awards.

A person who is a novice in the field of trading must know the foundations and factors that have a significant impact on the market, in addition to the prices of supply and demand.

How to start trading online and make money
trading online

In the absence of an equilibrium between supply and demand, the price will change, as if the number of buyers exceeds the number of sellers, the price will rise, but if the number of sellers exceeds the buyers, the price will decrease.

Ava Trade is one of the best sites that if you register on it, it gives you a large number of articles in addition to videos on the Internet, as well as a number of educational materials that teach you how to start trading online and make money (a comprehensive guide for beginners) as well as a correct understanding of trading and analysis market.

Also, this site will teach you how you can create your own trading plan, in addition to defining the risk that you can absorb, as well as the profits that can be obtained.

The beginner should also know an essential element of trading through the Internet, which is little loss in exchange for a lot of profit, in addition to knowing the risk ratio of 1:3 for each trade.

The best way to trade forex

How to trade forex is a question on the mind of every person who wants to start the process of currency trading, and the simplest thing is to know that the currency exchange rate is the parity that occurs between the main currency and the secondary currency.

Then the currencies are converted into a group of pairs, the dollar and the euro are the most well-known currency pairs.

You must know that the economic factor that includes industrial production, as well as political events have a significant impact on the exchange rate, which affects the buying and selling process for you.

Example for that:

  • If the dollar and the euro are the currency pairs, then the dollar can be considered as the main currency and the euro is the secondary currency.
  • So that represents the number of surahs that can be obtained for one dollar.
  • The price of the dollar-euro pair, for example, is at 1000, and this indicates that 1 dollar can be exchanged for 1000 euros.

And in the event that you think that the dollar will rise against the euro in the next two days, this means that you will buy dollars, which means that you got the profits online

Why is the trend in the field of information circulation?

A large number of people are turning to the field of online currency trading for a number of reasons, including:

  • It is known that the foreign exchange market is a wide and large market, and the volume of transactions in it is estimated at 3.2 trillion dollars.
  • There is no commission paid on making trading transactions via Avarice, as you pay the difference in points in the buying and selling price.
  • Also, trading is available all day, within 5 days, and in this period, you can determine the time and how to trade.
  • You can also get a lot of profits as Avarice has the ability to offer a leverage ratio of up to 400.
  • It also provides you with more than 200 financial instruments to trade which includes currencies as well as CFDs, commodities, and stocks.

Online trading process

When you want to do online trading you have to do a number of things which are:

  • It is necessary to choose a broker for trading, and it is considered the most important risk in trading.
  • Opening a real account for trading, and then writing down all your information, whether personal or banking, so that it is in a safe place.
  • This account is also opened without paying any commissions or fees, and after getting rid of writing this information, you will be your first start in the trading process.
  • After all the research is done, the trading platform is then opened by selecting the appropriate instrument.
  • You can also get to know the spread, which is the difference in points, in addition to the units that can be sold or bought.
  • Just as the trading process, you start it small and grow bigger after that.
  • And in the event that you open deals, you must control the investment and follow up on your performance.
  • Also, a number of changes should be made to your portfolio from time to time, as you are dealing with emerging markets.
  • You should go with your trading strategy, and not just look at trading per se.
  • In the end, in the event that you achieve the profit that you seek, you must close the deals and get the profits.

Major currencies in trading

There are 6 major currency pairs that you will learn about in the trading field during your dealings, and they are:

  1. The euro and the US dollar.
  2. The British pound and the US dollar.
  3. US dollar and Japanese yen.
  4. The US dollar and the Swiss franc.
  5. The US dollar and the Canadian dollar.
  6. The Australian dollar and US dollar.

These currencies are the most traded currencies in the world, but these currencies can have a number of fluctuations in prices.

At the same time, there is also a number of other pairs being traded but they are traded less frequently than the major pairs.

These are the pairs that are traded other than the pairs that were mentioned before.

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