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Now, you can create your e-commerce site with just a few clicks, whether you are a beginner or new to e-commerce.

However, many people wonder how much it could cost them to create an e-commerce website.

Be aware that the prices of an e-commerce site differ depending on several parameters. Some require more time and creativity than others. However, we can give you a good idea.

In this review, we will explain step by step how the pricing is done for the creation of an e-commerce website.

The characteristics that make up the cost of an open-source e-commerce site

If you are wondering about the quote and the pricing of creating an online store, be aware that when you are looking to create an "Open Source site" for yourself, it is difficult to have an exact idea of ​​the price of this.

Last, there are several characteristics that influence it, namely:

  • The costs of maintaining your site.
  • The pricing of the various freelancers/agencies.
  • Hosting your site.
  • The unique features you want to add to your site.

Be aware that there are several parameters that form the total sum of an e-commerce site, for example, the maintenance costs, because it is very easy to create a site.

However, count the management costs by then, those of the maintenance of the platform, the travel costs, as well as those of the availability of your IT specialist.

How to create an e-commerce website?
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There are also the different services of the different developers that when you go to ask a freelancer to take care of your site, it is not the same price as if you did it at an agency. Specialized in the field.

There is also the cost of hosting your site so that it is available to everyone. There are different offers of website hosting. In case you do not have to experience it, it will quickly cost you dearly.

Suddenly you will need the advice of a specialist in the field who is going. You pay for your hosting for your website, but it will also take money for its commission.

How much does it cost to create an Open Source e-commerce site?

  1. The price of an open-source e-commerce site varies according to the parameters mentioned above, for example, it must be remembered that the creation of a site cannot be below 2,000 euros, and the more demanding you are, c that is, the more you want a quality rendering, the more you will have to pay.
  2. However, for the price of accommodation, know that the prices differ depending on the formula you choose, that the longer the duration of the formula you choose, the more you will save.
  3. There is also the parameter of how much storage space you need, so it is complicated to have a precise idea of ​​the total price, but what is sure is that you will not have more. 3,600 euros per year.
  4. Ditto for the price of creating your site, know that if you use an agency, you will pay a lot more, see up to 50,000 euros for the creation of your site. Obviously, the price varies according to your requirements and it can go up to 200,000 euros.
  5. Finally, for any maintenance or update of your software, you will get it for less than 2,000 euros per year.

How much does it cost to create a SaaS e-commerce site?

There is a big difference between the SaaS solution and the Open Source version. The prices are completely different.

Contrary to what you have seen previously, you will not have to pay a cache sum to enjoy your site without limits, here it is a completely different system, you have a subscription monthly that you will have to pay to own an e-commerce site.

Know that you will have it for at least 500 euros per year. It can be an excellent solution which is suitable especially for novices that they will have to pay a sum each month for their services.

What is interesting about this type of offer is that the smarter you work, the more you will achieve a good turnover.

However, be aware that a percentage of 1% of your turnover is subtracted from you for any SaaS subscription. So it’s up to you to see which solution would suit you best.

How much does it cost to create a PrestaShop e-commerce site?

PrestaShop is undoubtedly one of the best tools for creating online stores. This tool gives you access to many modules to design your site in the way you like the most. But at what cost?

How much does a module cost?

PrestaShop has over 3,000 modules to bring more functionality to your website. These modules allow you to increase traffic, get more conversions, improve logistics, administration, payments, etc.

  • Each of these modules has a different cost depending on the services and features they offer.

As an example, the SEO Expert module is around 181 euros. The “relaunch abandoned baskets” module costs around 145 euros.

This is a very useful module since each time your customers abandon the cart, they will receive one or more reminders via a personalized email. It’s up to you to choose the modules that suit you best.

It is to be noted that you should also include the design by purchasing models, as you can find them in a wide range of categories. You can find PrestaShop templates for a specific theme for 59-89 euros.

Other things to consider

Keep in mind that there are other fees that are just as important to your online store, including the domain name.

It is also necessary that you find an efficient and reliable web hosting service so that your online store always stays online.

Consider using an agency specializing in PrestaShop to implement a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Search engine marketing is also another expense that you must add to your PrestaShop online store.

In addition, the price of a PrestaShop online store can vary between 1,500 and 3,000 euros, depending on the needs of your online store.

  • This price is justified considering all the features and functions that PrestaShop offers you.

What option will you take for the creation of your site? Tell us in the comments!

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