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In the world of credit cards, it's not about having the most cards, it's about having the right cards.  The perfect credit card duo can boost your points, cashback, and travel miles faster than you ever thought possible.

The 5 best card combinations to maximize your rewards

But where do you start? Don't worry; we've done the research to reveal the ultimate credit card pairings designed to turn everyday spending into extraordinary rewards.

Why Two Cards Are Better Than One

Credit cards specialize in rewarding certain spending categories. Think of it this way – one card might be your dining expert, while another excels at travel. By strategically using both, you'll always be racking up the maximum rewards possible for each purchase.

The 5 Best Credit Card Power Couples

Let's delve into the top credit card combinations that will supercharge your rewards game:

1. The Dynamic Duo: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Chase Freedom Flex℠

  • Why they're a match made in heaven: Chase offers some of the most transferable and valuable points around – Chase Ultimate Rewards®. The Sapphire Preferred is a travel powerhouse, earning bonus points on dining and travel. The Freedom Flex complements this perfectly, rotating bonus categories each quarter (such as groceries, gas stations, or drugstores).
  • The Power Play: Pair these cards to maximize points on everything from groceries and gas to flights and hotels. Transfer those points to airline and hotel partners for even more incredible travel redemptions.

2. The Everyday Earners: Citi® Double Cash Card and Citi Premier® Card

  • Why they're a dream team: Citi ThankYou® Points offer flexibility and value. The Double Cash card is a cash back superstar, giving an unbeatable 2% back on everything (effectively, since you earn 1% when you buy and 1% when you pay your bill). The Citi Premier rounds out the mix with bonus points on gas, groceries, restaurants, air travel, and hotel stays.
  • The Power Play: Never worry about bonus categories; the Double Cash covers the basics. The Premier picks up the rest, ensuring premium rewards on common spending areas.

3. The Amex Ascent: American Express® Gold Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express

  • Why they're the perfect pair: Amex Membership Rewards are incredibly versatile. The Gold Card nails the "foodie" category with bonus points on dining and U.S. supermarkets. The Platinum Card opens the world of luxury travel, with airport lounge access, bonus points on flights, and credits for Uber and hotel stays.
  • The Power Play: Enjoy gourmet meals and top-tier travel without breaking the bank. The Gold Card offsets the Platinum's annual fee, giving you access to top-notch travel perks with points earned on daily necessities.

The 5 best card combinations

4. The Travel Enthusiasts: Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card and Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

  • Why they're travel buddies: Capital One miles are easy to use and valuable for flights and hotels. The Venture X is a high-powered travel card with airport lounge access, statement credits, and an annual travel credit. The SavorOne adds bonus cash back restaurants and entertainment alongside groceries.
  • The Power Play: Elevate travel with the Venture X while the SavorOne ensures you're earning rewards on your nights out and grocery runs.

5. Flexibility & Flat-Rate Rewards: Chase Freedom Unlimited® and Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

  • Why they work well together: If bonus categories aren't your thing, this Chase duo delivers simplicity. The Freedom Unlimited offers flat-rate rewards on everything.
  • The Ink Business Preferred steps up with fantastic bonus points on business expenses like shipping, internet, and phone services.
  • The Power Play: Whether it's personal or business spending, you're consistently racking up valuable Chase points.


Can I have two cards from the same issuer?

Absolutely! Banks want you to use their cards often.

Will my credit score take a hit?

There might be a small dip initially, but responsible card use will boost your score over time.

How do I choose?

Focus on your spending habits and the rewards you value most.


The right credit card combo is your secret weapon to earning outsized rewards. Carefully select a power pair that aligns with how you spend and where you want those rewards to take you. Happy maximizing!

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