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Credit cards have evolved into an essential tool in the constantly changing realm of personal finance. They provide rewards, convenience, and the chance to establish credit.

But with so many choices, it's really simple to end up stuck with a credit card that causes more problems than it does benefits.

The 5 Worst Credit Cards of 2024

This article serves as a cautionary tale, unveiling the 5 worst credit cards of 2024. We'll dissect their exorbitant fees, paltry rewards structures, and the hidden pitfalls that can sabotage your financial well-being.

Understanding the Dangers of Bad Credit Cards

Before we dive into the list, let's understand why choosing the wrong credit card can be detrimental:

Sky-High Interest Rates: Bad credit cards often come with APRs (Annual Percentage Rates) well above the national average. This translates to hefty interest charges on unpaid balances, making debt much more expensive.

Exorbitant Fees: These cards can be laden with a dizzying array of fees – annual fees, late payment fees, balance transfer fees, and even inactivity fees! These can quickly eat away at any potential benefits.

Minimal Rewards: The rewards programs on the worst cards tend to be lackluster, with low earning rates and convoluted redemption processes.

Damage to Your Credit Score: Late payments, high credit utilization, and potential hard inquiries can negatively impact your credit score, making it harder to qualify for better loans and credit cards in the future.

The 5 Worst Credit Cards of 2024

Now, let's expose the offenders. Keep in mind that this list is based on a combination of factors, including APRs, fees, rewards programs, and overall user experience.

First PREMIER® Bank Credit Card (and similar cards)

  • Notorious for its incredibly high APR, sometimes approaching 36%.
  • Charges a slew of fees, including an annual fee that can be nearly $100 in the first year alone.
  • Offers no rewards or benefits to offset the costs.

The Platinum Visa®, Credit One Bank®, Rebuilding Credit

  • Another card with a high APR and numerous fees.
  • The potential rewards are meager compared to the expenses incurred.
  • Aggressive marketing tactics that may target those with lower credit scores.

Total Visa® Unsecured Credit Card

  • Exorbitant interest rates that make carrying a balance incredibly costly.
  • Charges a high annual fee on top of other fees.
  • Minimal, if any, rewards or perks.

Milestone® Gold Mastercard®

  • Levies a high annual fee, especially when compared to its lack of benefits.
  • Interest rates are on the higher side
  • Rewards are difficult to redeem making them nearly worthless.

Indigo® Mastercard® for Less than Perfect Credit

Charges an annual fee, but this varies based on your creditworthiness.

Can have high APRs for those with less-than-perfect credit.

The rewards program offers only minimal value.


How can I avoid getting a bad credit card?

Thorough research is essential. Compare offers, read the fine print, and pay close attention to APRs, fees, and the rewards structure. Seek out trustworthy credit unions and banks.

I already have a bad credit card. What can I do?

Focus on paying down your balance and making timely payments. Consider transferring the balance to a card with a lower interest rate or a 0% introductory APR. If you can qualify, explore better card options.


Choosing the right credit card requires due diligence. The cards highlighted in this article offer little value in exchange for potentially high costs. By being informed and vigilant, you can find a credit card that supports your financial goals rather than hindering them.

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